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Bloody Table!

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Uh, I just want one. Wow.


Foam Board Lantern

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Based REALLY, REALLY loosely on Dave Lowe’s O’Treaty Lantern [ ] with one of my faux candles  inside, this is a down and dirty attempt at a foam board lantern. The top is Velcro’d on so I can easily turn the LED tea light off/on. I may try a more elaborate top on the next one, more like Dave’s, maybe. Not bad for taking less than 2 hours from start to finish! 🙂 Like the candles, it will only get better with each iteration.

Lantern-Making Time!

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Foamcore Lantern by Dave Lowe

DUH — foam… The answer to most prop-lems! Dave Lowe has a three-part blog post on an awesome foamcore lantern.

I’ve been searching garage sales and eBay for a lantern I could use, with no luck or at too high a price. MAKE one? Well of course.

I know Dave makes it look easy, but I’m gonna take a shot at it… I’ve even got some of his flameless candles done to put inside 🙂

Off to the craft store for some foam board and extra paint! I’m thinking if this goes well, I will make several for the graveyard and maybe one for me to carry, too!

More Evolved Candle-Making

Posted in Props with tags , , , , on September 17, 2010 by bojo

I’m obsessed with getting these candles right. A few changes to the process:

* I started simply making a “shelf” out of hot glue, around the inside edge where I want the tealight to sit.

* Red Bull cans make GREAT candles… just hack off the tops, give them a base coat of spray paint, add the hot glue (lots for the top sharp edge and lots to hide the ‘can’ bottom – some of mine need a bit more there), and paint again. Drop an led tealight inside and it reflects beautifully. No newspaper needed to hide seams or anything. Any size can works!

* Layers of the hot glue with a “pool” at the bottom looks much better. I do a base coat on everything now.

Latest batch:

My Latest Batch of Candles

From Toilet Paper to Pillar Candles

Posted in Props, Videos with tags , , , , on September 6, 2010 by bojo

I loved the idea of PVC pillar candles using flickering battery tealights, but I didn’t want to spend the money on the pipe or try to cut it myself. I went looking for something easier and found this how-to on Dave Lowe’s blog from 2008 []. I love the no-cost approach, but I wanted a cleaner pillar look.

Here’s a video of the first 2 finished:

I’m not crazy about these tealights, so they’ll probably get replaced, but you get the idea. Overall, I’m pleased with the look.

What I did (Probably the hard way):

1. Trim the tubes into different lengths and slice them down one side to open them up.

2. Hot glue in some foam board “shelves” for the tealights to sit on.

3. Reassemble the tubes at the width that will fit the tealights & hot glue them closed.

4. Decopage some newspaper strips around the tubes to hide the seams (I first did them horizontal and then long vertical strips on top). Let dry.

5. I hot glued some glass beads (the kind that go in a vase) to the bottom inside for weight.

6. Hot glue the wax drips (Dave’s post says it best — patience… but there’s really no wrong way). Let dry.

7. Spray paint… I think it would probably work best to start with them upside down on your painting surface and get the paint all around the bottom side of the drips… let dry… then turn them on the right side and paint them again and let dry.

8.  I mixed some craft paint to get a color like the spray paint I used and painted then inside of the tube above the foam shelf AND painted the tealights so they match the “candle”.

9. Turn on your tealight and set it inside the pillar.

It’s not high-quality, but looks decent in a dim room. I’ll probably swap out these tealights for some better-flickering ones. But for right now, I haven’t bought a single thing to make them. I had everything on hand already, so they were basically FREE, which is great.

2009 Photos: Hell Freezes Over

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Hell Freezes Over…

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The theme for the 5th Annual Bonnie Haunt is “Hell Freezes Over”.

Invitations: ..are awesome! Hand-made out of colored paper and cardstock… One side is red and yellow flames that say “This Halloween, HELL…” and you flip it veritcally and it’s snow-capped icicles and reads “…FREEZES OVER.” And the rest is the details of the party. Will post photos soon.

For the exterior, I’d like to turn the flower bed into the River Styx, but I am not sure many people will get it. So we’re going with flames and red flood lights. Found a grim reaper door cover with motion-sensor and sound effects… some hanging skulls and creepy cloth there… And of course the trusty fogger.

Inside, we’re going with icicles (from the Christmas aisle), with bloody tips… BLUE flames and frosted pitchforks… fake snow flakes sprinkled on tables and counters… blue lights everywhere and the rolls of fake snow (batting) draped on furniture. Trying to find just the right wall covering… stone, maybe? Flecked with spray snow, perhaps?

The misting skull will be right at home…  my three new strings of blue leds…  And the ice shot glass molds… fun!

Ice Shot Glasses

Ice Shot Glasses

Just picked up a couple more of the hanging flame lights at Spirit and am planning to change out the yellow fabric for blue… woo hoo! 🙂

Hanging Flame Lights

Hanging Flame Lights

Bought a couple different pitchforks, too… will probably paint them frozen and fleck on some fake snow.
Busy weekend ahead! 🙂