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2010 Haunt: Cemetery Gates

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Had a great party for our little bunch on Saturday. We spent most of our time on the small front yard cemetery and the flickering candles. The best was when everyone was meandering through the cemetery and checking out the stones.

Here are a few pics of decor and party people: Public Facebook Album

Food: Stuffed Jalapenos, Chicken Flautas, Tomatillo Ranch Dip, Pinwheels, Lil Smokies in a tangy mustard-based BBQ sauce, Kettle-cooked chips, peach cobbler, brownie trifle.
Drinks: Pre-mixed Rum Runners, white wine sangria, blackberry merlot

Thoughts on 2011: We never really decorate the kitchen, but inevitably, everyone ends up in there. It’s a small kitchen, too! There were 10 people packed in the tiny room at one point. Crazy people. Perhaps next year we’ll put ALL our effort into decorating the kitchen ONLY so people will stand around in some other room 🙂

Our friends love the party so much they were already thinking of themes for next year. These were the ideas that came out of that conversation: Great Gatsby, all black light party, and my personal favorite… People of Wal-Mart! Oh my.

Until 2011…


Invitations: Mine & Others

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I agonized over the invites entirely too long. First it was going to be individual foam tombstones. Then it was going to be cardstock coffins, then it was going to be a gate-folded card with elaborate cut-outs… This was just easiest. I had to find a font that didn’t make it look pirate-y, but I think it turned out alright. It’s resume paper with burned edges. About 4″x6″.



2010 Bonnie Haunt Invites


Here are some other awesome invites I’ve seen lately:



Charisma's 2008 X-ray Invites




Awesome Tombstone Invite



2009 Universal Studios Horror Nights Media Invite/Teaser
Edible Reminder Finger in Take-Out Box. She even posted the recipe for the cookie!
Creature Survival Kit – Click the photo for a Q&A on how she made these… so awesome.


So many creative people out there!

2010 Theme: Cemetery Gates

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Taking our inspiration from the Pantera song of the same name [music video on YouTube… wow, that’s a lot of hair], this year’s theme is “Cemetery Gates”. Below are the lyrics of the song. The emphasized lines I’m thinking of using as epitaphs on gravestones in the front yard cemetery. I’ve also posted some inspiration photos.

Reverend, reverend,
Is this a conspiracy?
Crucified for no sins
No revenge… beneath me.
Lost within my plans for life,
It all seems so unreal.
Im a man cut in half in this world, [Would be a great place for half a zombie/groundbreaker, no?]
Left in my misery.

The reverend he turned to me
Without a tear in his eyes.
Its nothing new for him to see,
I didn’t ask him why.
I will remember…
The love our souls had sworn to make.
Now I watch the falling rain
All my mind can see now is your face.

Well I guess
You took my youth
And gave it all away.
Like the birth of a new found joy,
This love would end in rage…
And when she died
I couldnt cry,
The pride within my soul.
You left me incomplete
All alone as the memories now unfold.

Believe the word.
I will unlock my door…
And pass the cemetery gates.

Sometimes when Im alone,
I wonder aloud,
If you’re watching over me
Some place far abound.
I must reverse my life
I can’t live in the past.
Then set my soul free,
Belong to me at last.

Through all those complex years
I thought I was alone.
I didn’t care to look around
And make this world my own…
And when she died
I shouldve cried and spared myself some pain.
You left me incomplete,
All alone as the memories still remain.

The way we were,
The chance to save my soul…
And my concern is now in vain.
Believe the word,
I will unlock my door…
And pass the cemetery… gates

The way we were,
The chance to save my soul…
And my concern is now in vain.
Believe the word,
I will unlock my door…
And pass the cemetery…




2009 Photos: Hell Freezes Over

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Hell Freezes Over: Fire & Ice

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The Dining Room 
Dining Room Flames

Blue flames spray painted on a white sheet

We know that if Hell actually froze over, there wouldn’t be any flames, let alone white, blue or silver ones. But we wanted the iconic hellish flames to convey the idea, so we’re hoping our guests can suspend disbelief when they see the inside of the house.

Left, we used cardboard templates to spray paint blue flames (both the flame and the inverse/edges) on two white twin flat sheets. We finished this room by placing our old entertainment center (recently replaced by the console for the new plasma) against the back wall with an old tv in it, then covering it from ceiling to floor with black tablecloths. (Pictures to come).

The TV plays  Big Scream TV’s Terror Eyes DVD, a giant eye ball that floats in mid-air and looks around the room. This room is topped off with a blue light bulb in the overhead light and some snowy white stalagtites to drive home the “ice cave” look we’re going for.

How to Make Stalagtites

Snowy Stalagtite

Snowy Stalagtites

Roll a 1-1/2 foot piece of aluminum foil into a conical shape, secure with scotch tape (use a larger piece of foil for bigger results). Fold edges of the icicles over small pieces of cardboard and secure with duct tape. I used cardboard with a white paper on one side and white duct tape to save time. Then spray paint the icicles. We’re using Command Adhesive strips and thumbtacks to hang the cardboard.

More photos to come… Tomorrow will be a big day.

So far, so good!

Hell Freezes Over: Invitations

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The invites are made from colored paper and light cardstock, just cut and glued together, and hand-written in Sharpie. The front is the flame side, and flips vertically to reveal the icicle side with party details.

Front and back of Hell Freezes Over party invitation (flips vertically)

Front and back of Hell Freezes Over party invitation (flips vertically)

Hell Freezes Over…

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The theme for the 5th Annual Bonnie Haunt is “Hell Freezes Over”.

Invitations: ..are awesome! Hand-made out of colored paper and cardstock… One side is red and yellow flames that say “This Halloween, HELL…” and you flip it veritcally and it’s snow-capped icicles and reads “…FREEZES OVER.” And the rest is the details of the party. Will post photos soon.

For the exterior, I’d like to turn the flower bed into the River Styx, but I am not sure many people will get it. So we’re going with flames and red flood lights. Found a grim reaper door cover with motion-sensor and sound effects… some hanging skulls and creepy cloth there… And of course the trusty fogger.

Inside, we’re going with icicles (from the Christmas aisle), with bloody tips… BLUE flames and frosted pitchforks… fake snow flakes sprinkled on tables and counters… blue lights everywhere and the rolls of fake snow (batting) draped on furniture. Trying to find just the right wall covering… stone, maybe? Flecked with spray snow, perhaps?

The misting skull will be right at home…  my three new strings of blue leds…  And the ice shot glass molds… fun!

Ice Shot Glasses

Ice Shot Glasses

Just picked up a couple more of the hanging flame lights at Spirit and am planning to change out the yellow fabric for blue… woo hoo! 🙂

Hanging Flame Lights

Hanging Flame Lights

Bought a couple different pitchforks, too… will probably paint them frozen and fleck on some fake snow.
Busy weekend ahead! 🙂