More Evolved Candle-Making

I’m obsessed with getting these candles right. A few changes to the process:

* I started simply making a “shelf” out of hot glue, around the inside edge where I want the tealight to sit.

* Red Bull cans make GREAT candles… just hack off the tops, give them a base coat of spray paint, add the hot glue (lots for the top sharp edge and lots to hide the ‘can’ bottom – some of mine need a bit more there), and paint again. Drop an led tealight inside and it reflects beautifully. No newspaper needed to hide seams or anything. Any size can works!

* Layers of the hot glue with a “pool” at the bottom looks much better. I do a base coat on everything now.

Latest batch:

My Latest Batch of Candles


4 Responses to “More Evolved Candle-Making”

  1. I’ve been quietly watching your progress. You can see the evolution of your techniques with each post. These ones look particularly good. I like the idea of using cans – the perfect compromise between cardboard and PVC (and I’m all about repurposing items).

    Am actually hosting a PVC candle make & take this weekend (being taught be someone else). I think once I’ve had some experience with the PVC pipes, I’m going to try tins. I think tomato paste tins will be great for a collection of small candles.

  2. what do you mean by a shelf on the insdie for the light to sit?

    • I just used extra hot glue inside the tube, about an inch from the end… If you can build it up a little, the tealight will have a spot to sit. Hope that makes sense

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