Hell Freezes Over: Fire & Ice

The Dining Room 
Dining Room Flames

Blue flames spray painted on a white sheet

We know that if Hell actually froze over, there wouldn’t be any flames, let alone white, blue or silver ones. But we wanted the iconic hellish flames to convey the idea, so we’re hoping our guests can suspend disbelief when they see the inside of the house.

Left, we used cardboard templates to spray paint blue flames (both the flame and the inverse/edges) on two white twin flat sheets. We finished this room by placing our old entertainment center (recently replaced by the console for the new plasma) against the back wall with an old tv in it, then covering it from ceiling to floor with black tablecloths. (Pictures to come).

The TV plays  Big Scream TV’s Terror Eyes DVD, a giant eye ball that floats in mid-air and looks around the room. This room is topped off with a blue light bulb in the overhead light and some snowy white stalagtites to drive home the “ice cave” look we’re going for.

How to Make Stalagtites

Snowy Stalagtite

Snowy Stalagtites

Roll a 1-1/2 foot piece of aluminum foil into a conical shape, secure with scotch tape (use a larger piece of foil for bigger results). Fold edges of the icicles over small pieces of cardboard and secure with duct tape. I used cardboard with a white paper on one side and white duct tape to save time. Then spray paint the icicles. We’re using Command Adhesive strips and thumbtacks to hang the cardboard.

More photos to come… Tomorrow will be a big day.

So far, so good!

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