Hell Freezes Over…

The theme for the 5th Annual Bonnie Haunt is “Hell Freezes Over”.

Invitations: ..are awesome! Hand-made out of colored paper and cardstock… One side is red and yellow flames that say “This Halloween, HELL…” and you flip it veritcally and it’s snow-capped icicles and reads “…FREEZES OVER.” And the rest is the details of the party. Will post photos soon.

For the exterior, I’d like to turn the flower bed into the River Styx, but I am not sure many people will get it. So we’re going with flames and red flood lights. Found a grim reaper door cover with motion-sensor and sound effects… some hanging skulls and creepy cloth there… And of course the trusty fogger.

Inside, we’re going with icicles (from the Christmas aisle), with bloody tips… BLUE flames and frosted pitchforks… fake snow flakes sprinkled on tables and counters… blue lights everywhere and the rolls of fake snow (batting) draped on furniture. Trying to find just the right wall covering… stone, maybe? Flecked with spray snow, perhaps?

The misting skull will be right at home…  my three new strings of blue leds…  And the ice shot glass molds… fun!

Ice Shot Glasses

Ice Shot Glasses

Just picked up a couple more of the hanging flame lights at Spirit and am planning to change out the yellow fabric for blue… woo hoo! 🙂

Hanging Flame Lights

Hanging Flame Lights

Bought a couple different pitchforks, too… will probably paint them frozen and fleck on some fake snow.
Busy weekend ahead! 🙂

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