2010 Haunt: Cemetery Gates

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Had a great party for our little bunch on Saturday. We spent most of our time on the small front yard cemetery and the flickering candles. The best was when everyone was meandering through the cemetery and checking out the stones.

Here are a few pics of decor and party people: Public Facebook Album

Food: Stuffed Jalapenos, Chicken Flautas, Tomatillo Ranch Dip, Pinwheels, Lil Smokies in a tangy mustard-based BBQ sauce, Kettle-cooked chips, peach cobbler, brownie trifle.
Drinks: Pre-mixed Rum Runners, white wine sangria, blackberry merlot

Thoughts on 2011: We never really decorate the kitchen, but inevitably, everyone ends up in there. It’s a small kitchen, too! There were 10 people packed in the tiny room at one point. Crazy people. Perhaps next year we’ll put ALL our effort into decorating the kitchen ONLY so people will stand around in some other room 🙂

Our friends love the party so much they were already thinking of themes for next year. These were the ideas that came out of that conversation: Great Gatsby, all black light party, and my personal favorite… People of Wal-Mart! Oh my.

Until 2011…


Getting in the Cemetery Spirit of Things

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Stopped by a couple local cemeteries yesterday and took some photos. My plan is to print them and replace any framed images in the house with these. I did a little playing around with them to make them more interesting.

This one is only about 30 years old, but looks much older.
The only one I got out of the car to take.
Marie Anne Helwig

Bloody Table!

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Uh, I just want one. Wow.

Halloween Cookies

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Been mildly obsessed with Halloween cookies lately. Thought I’d post some that I found nice.

Love me some polka dots!

Perhaps some un-dead gingerbread men?



Gourmet Eyeball Cookies


Spider web cookies w/ a clear, isomalt center!

I’m thinking of doing a simple dipped oreo for my party. Boring, yes, but I think I might dip them in white chocolate, dyed red, of course.

Invitations: Mine & Others

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I agonized over the invites entirely too long. First it was going to be individual foam tombstones. Then it was going to be cardstock coffins, then it was going to be a gate-folded card with elaborate cut-outs… This was just easiest. I had to find a font that didn’t make it look pirate-y, but I think it turned out alright. It’s resume paper with burned edges. About 4″x6″.



2010 Bonnie Haunt Invites


Here are some other awesome invites I’ve seen lately:



Charisma's 2008 X-ray Invites




Awesome Tombstone Invite



2009 Universal Studios Horror Nights Media Invite/Teaser
Edible Reminder Finger in Take-Out Box. She even posted the recipe for the cookie!
Creature Survival Kit – Click the photo for a Q&A on how she made these… so awesome.


So many creative people out there!

Mood Lighting: Lanterns & Candles

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I finished the second of my lanterns. This one was much more painstaking, so I don’t know that I’ll make another like it. Gave it a copper finish. Here it is:

And I came across LED tealights 2/$1 so I bought four packs and my wonderful parents picked me up a 6-pack as well. Still need another handful to complete ALL these crazy candles.

Bonus: Mini-Tombstones… will these become invitations? Buffet card holders? Hmm…

* * *

Foam Board Lantern

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Based REALLY, REALLY loosely on Dave Lowe’s O’Treaty Lantern [ http://davelowe.blogspot.com/2010/09/otreatys-foamcore-lantern-part-one.html ] with one of my faux candles  inside, this is a down and dirty attempt at a foam board lantern. The top is Velcro’d on so I can easily turn the LED tea light off/on. I may try a more elaborate top on the next one, more like Dave’s, maybe. Not bad for taking less than 2 hours from start to finish! 🙂 Like the candles, it will only get better with each iteration.